Fashion trends from 2012 that are here to stay

Fashion is full of fleeting trends and new fads, and adapting to them to look stylish throughout the year. And every year there are clothes that one stocks up according to what is ‘in’ that season, and tosses out what’s not. But then again there are some styles and trends that stay on, and leave fashionistas wanting to embrace them a little more. 2012 did pass on some of these fashionable trends to explore the options this year too.

2012 saw a splash of bold and bright colors, neon pinks, fluorescent green, electric blues, and gave rise to the color blocking trend. Full-on suits became very popular in mono-colors and prints. It was also the year when it was raining all leather on the fashion scene, from leather leggings to dresses. Another super comfy fad was of pajama styled pants, printed pants, oxblood colored dresses, peplums, and, baroque patterns that were found flaunting by people everywhere.

There have been a few styles that have survived the test of time, and surpassed the latest fashion additions from 2013, and yet remained in vogue. Peplums were a huge hit then, and are still winning hearts of the fashion conscious this season too. Peplum dresses, tops, skirts, jackets, and tunics were seen on runways, red carpets, and even more in stores. The reason this trend has managed to stay this long is because it looks great on skinny, curvy, petite, and all kinds of figures. Peplum tops are easier to carry and sport, than peplum bottoms like skirts, pants, and shorts. This year designers like Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga showcased collections with peplums and they are definitely a la mode this year too.

The eye-catching colorful blazers have also been embraced with a lot of affinity. Pop colored blazers made their mark in 2012, and still remain a happening trend this year. They can be paired with dresses, shorts, and skirts, to stand out and look chic. These multi-purpose blazers have managed to find a permanent place in wardrobes of the fashion forward, and are available in all hues at affordable prices. If one plans to invest in this statement piece, then bright pinks, cobalt blue, and emerald green are the most sought after colors this season.

Another fad that burst out loud was prints, in just about every piece of garment. This led to mixing and matching prints. Paisleys, floral, checks, stripes, animal, and bird prints rocked tops and bottoms in all kinds of patterns on clothes. But mixing prints requires a little thought and style, and not everyone has been able to do justice to this exciting trend from 2012. One thumb rule to getting the look right, is to make sure that both the prints, of the top and the bottom, belong to the same color family and balance well with each other.

The opulence of baroque has seemed to have a long lasting effect on designers. Over the top baroque prints and patterns were seen on dresses, jackets, even bags, and pants in 2012. But these lavish and ornamental fabrics continue to out shine this year, and the key to wearing it like a pro is to remember that less is more. Baroque fabrics in oxblood and black and gold colors are popular choices. Embellished baroque dresses are just perfect for a date night or a dinner party. Since baroque is turning out to be the designer’s delight and is also being appreciated by fashion lovers around the world, this trend is not going out of vogue for a while now.

One quirky print that caught like a fever last season was the chevron designs. The chevron print or the zigzag pattern, a little twist from the mundane stripes still remains a favourite, and is trending hot this year too. Whether it is the classic black and white or a multicolored chevron printed garment, these prints are not fading out with the arrival of new trends.

Leather has been a fashion essential, and the trend of wearing it whether in the form of the evergreen leather jackets, or leather leggings, dresses or tops just does not die. This trend revived itself in 2012, and has not turned its back since then. Faux or pure leather, there are an array of leather garments to pick from. This vogue will remain ageless and will continue to appear in fashion from time to time.



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